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                          • Shandong Enterprise Management Award 

                          • Advanced Foreign Exchanging Earner of Shandong

                          • National Export Inspection Excemption Enterprise

                          • Fabrics China Pioneer Plant

                          • Natinal Credible Enterprise

                          • Excellent Private Enterprise of China

                          • One of the 100 Excellent Enterprise in Reforming

                          • National Double Top 100 Enterprises in Apparel Industry 

                          • Product Development Contribution Award of China Textile Industry Association

                          • Advanced Group in Chinese Cotton Textile Industry.

                          • Top 20 Enterprise of Natinal Cotton Textile Industrial Competation.

                          • Successful Case Award for National Excellent Management Enterprise

                          • Excellent Enterprise of Quality Management in NationalTextile Industry

                          • National Model Home

                          • China Patent Gold Award

                          • Shandong Star Enterprise of China Patent

                          • The Key Industrial Enterprise of Shandong

                          • Key Enterprise of Shandong incultivating export brand

                          • Technology Research and Development Center of Shandong Province

                          • Excellent Exterprise for Management Innovation in Textile Industry of Shandong Province

                          • Productivity Promotion Award of Shandong Province

                          • Development Contribution Award for Shandong ApparelIndustry Chain

                          • Innovation Award for Shandong Industry-University-Research Collaboration

                          • Shandong Marketing Management Innovation Award

                          • Most Caring Enterprise of Shandong Province

                          • Shandong Energy-Saving Model Enterprise 

                          • Shandong Quality Reliable Member Enterprise

                          • Excellent Corporate Culture Award in ShandongTextile Industry

                          • First Mayor Quality Award of Taian