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                          • 2018

                            In 2018, Daiyin Textile Malaysia Company 2nd  Phase with 120,000 spindles was established.

                          • 2015

                            In 2015, Daiyin Textile Malaysia Company 1st Phase with 100,000 spindles was established.

                          • 2012

                            In 2012, the world first-class Fully Automatic andIntelligent Special Yarn Production Line was established.

                          • 2010

                            In2010, the enterprise invested and established Jinhui Apparel Corporation andestablished a high-grade jeans prototype production workshop with domesticleading level, with an annual output of 1 million jeans.

                          • 2009

                            In 2009, the enterprise established a high-grade suit prototype productionworkshop of  international first class,with annual output of 1.2 million premium suits.

                          • 2007

                            In 2007, the enterprise investedand established Daiyin America Trade Company, and achieved the direct sales of“Renoir” proprietary garmentbrand in foreign countries.

                          • 2006

                            In 2006, the enterprise estinvestedand established Daiyin Tiansuo Textile Industrial Park and Daiyin Xinyu extileIndustrial Park.

                          • 2004

                            In 2004, the sales income of the group brokethrough RMB 1 billion.

                          • 2003

                            In 2003, the enterprise launched anew high-grade denim weaving project of world leading level, with an annualoutput of high-grade jean 20 million meters.

                          • 2001

                            In 2001, the enterpriseestablished Daiyin Woolen Textile Co., Ltd., expanding its business scope fromcotton textile to woolen textile. 

                          • 1999

                            In 1999, the enterprise investedand established Sri Lanka Garment Co., Ltd. in Sri Lanka, making a new step on theroad of internationalized operation.

                          • 1998

                            In 1998, Shandong Daiyin Textile& Garment Group was made up, establishing the group operation model,meanwhile established Daiyin Import and Export Business, getting the foot inthe door of international market.  

                          • 1997

                            In 1997, garment brand Renoir wasestablished, achieving the leap-forward development from textile to garment.

                          • 1996

                            In 1996, upon completion ofshareholding reform, the enterprise was renamed from Tai’an No.2 Cotton TextileFactory to Tai’an Daiyin Textile Co., Ltd.

                          • 1995

                            In 1995, Mr. Zhao Huanchen wasappointed as the manager of Tai’an No.2 Cotton Textile Factory, leading the enterpriseto enter a new period of development.

                          • 1992

                            In 1992, the production scale wasexpanded to 25,000 spindles, and the enterprise was promoted to the Grade 2enterprise in Shandong Provincial Textile System.

                          • 1989

                            In 1989, the production scale of5000 spindles was completed, and the sales income of the year reached RMB 3.15million.

                          • 1987

                            In 1987, Tai’an No.2 CottonTextile Factory (the former D&Y Group) was approved and prepared. Theenterprise welcomed its preparation period.